Blessed Be

Transcendentalist portrait of a modern day witch

Set in one of the most remote and sparsely populated areas in The Netherlands lives Pia - or as she likes to be called; de Wikster van het Wad (Witch of the Mudflat).
She lives alone within miles of grasslands and next to the sea in the north of Groningen and is seen living quietly and passing time with mystical rituals, some as old as Pagan times.

Directed by: Maxim Lambers
DOP: Maxim Lambers
Sound-design: Coen Bruins
Colour: Wietse van Bezooijen

Blessed Be on show - 7 till 11 october, 2020 at the presentation of all AKV | St. Joost Bachelor ‘film, photography and the digital’ graduates. 

@ Stokvishallen, Breda

There will also be an online streaming premiere on the 15th of october, 2020. You can find this stream on 13:00h (CEST)